Technical Lead / Architect / Expert / Developer

IT, Data and Analytics


Cloud Computing – SaaS, iPaaS, IaaS
• AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Architecture
• Build Scalable Cloud Solutions
• Application Migration

Leading Technical Teams
• Continuous Improvement

Sector / Data Experience
• FMCG and Pharmaceuticals
• IT, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance and HR
• SAP, SaaS Applications

Computer Languages 
• Python, C/C++, C#, VB.Net, ABAP

Analytics / BI & Data Warehousing
• Teradata / MS SQL, Azure Data Lake / SAP HANA
• Backend / Data Architecture Design and Development
• Prototyping front end – SAP Analytics / Tableau / Qlik / Power BI
• Data Migration, Master Data Management

Data Integration, API Management
• Mulesoft, Azure Data Factory, SAP Data Services

Machine Data Analytics
• Splunk Security Operations Center

Data Science (Limited to Personal Interest)
• Anaconda, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Flask

Here is the few examples of what I like to do

The Power of TERADATA – When you run a query, 8 nodes of Teradata system triggers 192 physical CPUs and 288 disks simultaneously. If you know what are you doing, you will  get your results in seconds. Just make sure that your architecture is good enough like distribution of your tables to disks. 

S/4HANA Embedded Analytics – Solving operational report needs within SAP with Embedded Analytics. Forget about WEBI, who likes it? Connect your operational reports to excel via Analysis for Office. Your users will be happy for the first time for an report which comes out from SAP system directly. Yes, it is a live report! No need to expensive near real-time replication, no ETL, no data marts. 

Single Source of Truth – Identify what data your company has. Bring them together! If some of the data is still in excel, automate the processes, add more applications and databases. Bring them together again! Then you will start seeing the power of data!

Define KPIs – Don’t develop list reports! Ask to business users “What do you want to achieve?” “What will you do if you get this report?” “Which formulas you are going to create in excel?” Take initiative, work with them, develop actionable reports! Make end users happy!

Decommisioning Systems – Once upon a time your server administrator created lots, yes, lots of virtual servers within your infrastructure. Use SaaS, iPaaS platforms, get rid of your legacy systems.

Moving to cloud, just like that! – Creating servers just like that in Amazon Web Services or Azure. It is within seconds. Move applications to cloud and migrating data. Save tons of money and add more value to your company! 

Self-Service Password Reset – Within IT department, first level of support is spending so much time with resetting passwords or unlocking user accounts! Enable Self-Service Password Reset tools. Let your end users solve their problems and don’t spend your valuable IT guys time with for fixing non-value added things. And don’t forget, make your end users happy!

Single Sign-On – Your users have lots of passwords to remember! What are they doing with their passwords? Writing them in an excel or they are creating passwords like CompanyName1!. These passwords makes your company vulnerable to Cyber Security threads! Enable Single Sign-On, make your end users happy!  

Mentor and Coach – Seeking opportunities to grow leaders in the organization and increase responsibilities progressively. Share experiences, provide guidance, learn from them, help people to achieve their targets. Make them happy! 

Share Your Knowledge – There is nothing to hide, share what you know and how much you know. Add value to people and learn from them. Work with cross-streams!